Pointer for noob to get USB DAC working?

I’m very new to Volumio, as in day one.

After just a few minutes out of the box, I have Volumio working on a Pi 2, playing music through the headphone socket. Good start but sounds dreadful!

Now I want to connect my USB DAC. It’s an Audiophonics DAC PCM5102 on battery 32bit 384kHz Interface XMOS USB/Optical/Coaxial.

“Obviously” it doesn’t work without a USB driver.

Will someone please point me to some information that might help me?

Thanks in advance.

connect, configure in webgui, everything will work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

The DAC’s (blue) USB connection light just flashes when the DAC is connected to the Pi. A steady blue light indicates a working USB connection.

I will try to configure it in webgui as you suggest, but I still feel there is something wrong…