Podcast plugin stops playing after approx 30mins

Hey all, as mentioned here: https://github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins/issues/512

It’s been years I have this random annoying problem, can someone help? Like where can I find the logs for the plugin or where would be possible to find the culprit of the issue?


This is very annoying indeed, I am also interested in solving this issue.

i believe the issue is because when you select the episode to reproduce it, volumio loads in the playlist all the episodes of that podcast.
If you patiently delete all the episodes except the one playing, it should keep working.
Without looking at any logs (where?) it could well be that you run in some kind of out of memory situation.
@jpp if you got time to do some tests and confirm the behavior maybe the devs are able to help…

Thanks, @vroitkz.
I don’t know how to “delete all the episodes”…
The concrete podcast where the problem emerges for me is this: Le Bach du dimanche : podcast et replay sur France Musique

The full episode list of the podcast serie is made available in the playlist view. To access the playlist there should be an icon on the bottom left of the playing window

Even deleting all the episodes but one, the problem subsists.

What pi model and volumio version do you have? I will let play your podcast and see how it goes

I’m using version 2.861 on an Audiophonics Raspberry Pi, but the problem was there also on previous versions.

How much ram do you have in your pi?
I can confirm: all weekend listening to my podcasts and two episodes of yours I did not experience any issue. Just to be clear, you need to make the play queue clean as you start playing the episodes.
For example, I think but haven’t confirmed, that if you play like the first ever episode hence no episode is “below” it will work as long as you have enough memory.

It has 4GB. Using “top” to check the status of the linux machine where Volumio is running reveals RAM available all the time.

One difficulty is that the problem is quite random, Volumio always stops at different points (it sometimes goes till the end of an episode, though rarely).

Anyway, having to delete all the queue to play an episode (even if it worked) is not good enough, in my opinion.

go to settings -> playback options -> playback mode = Single

beware that when listening to normal albums you need to select the play button on the album otherwise it will play only the selected song