Podcast Plugin - empty BBC lists

I’ve been using Volumio on and off for years now, but I am still such a novice when it comes to poking underneath the bonnet, can anyone help me with fixing empty podcast lists?

So, I’ve a fresh install of Volumio 2.733 on a fairly old Raspberry Pi (I think its a 2 but unsure, though it does work) and I have installed the podcast plugin, I can see the preinstalled podcasts options - BBC, Podcasts, The Daily and Anderson Cooper 360.

I am able to select and play one of podcasts from the list. However, when selecting BBC podcasts the categories are empty. I am able to see the different channel options, e.g. BBC Radio 1 Podcasts, BBC Radio 4 Podcasts but when I select any of these each one is empty.

For example “BBC 6 music podcasts” and a popup saying “Please wait for BBC 6 Music podcasts”, the popup disappears and nothing happens. Selecting 6 Music podcasts (appears to) take me to this list, but the list is empty.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
Many thanks