Plugins without MyVolumio account

I apologize if I’ve misunderstood something. But after upgrading to Volumio 3 it seems that I have to create a MyVolumio account to be able to install plugins. It’s advertised as being free but reading the fine print of the Terms & Conditions, it’s clear that you will get billed. What’s up with that? A scam?

It is also clear from the Terms & Conditions that my Volumio usage, audio libraries will be monitored if I log in. Which is, of course, outrageous.

So, can I bypass this login requirement? Can I download plugins manually somewhere and install them command line?

Creating a free MyVolumio account does required only a email adress, no credit card. So no, you won’t get billed!
Please have look at : Volumio Data Policy and Online Communication

Got the same question !!! How to install plugin without myvolumio ?
I will revert back to Volumio 2 for the moment


Community Portings do not have myVolumio, so installing plugins on Volumio 3 with Orange PI images can only be done manually.

Oh ok
Perfect thank you

Snapcast can be installed ?

It’s not perfect, but the only option left.
Snapcast support needs to be answered by people who know its plugin status.
Server and client software packages are still part of the Volumio base install.

Snapcast is working perfectly :wink: