Plugins screen empty. Can't install plugins.

Hello all.

I want to install the Spotify plugin, but on my Volumio application the Plugins Management screen is empty. I looked around the forum for solutions, but can’t find anything useful. Most of the answers are related to missing Internet connection. I don’t think that is my case as my Volumio downloads Artist art from the Internet, so there has to be active connection.

The Spotify integration was one of the reasons I decided to go with Mini PC and Volumio. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

I also attached a screenshot.
Plugins Empty.png

I have the same issue.

Sorry my english is bad

It’s late to answer but
I’ve got the same problem because i’ve put a static IP on volumio. With DHCP plugin works !

To have a static IP ( to keep the same adress IP) i’ve let Volumio with DHCP and i configure my Internet Box with a Static IP for the device Volumio.

I hope that help someone !