plugins on Odroid C2 version V2.002 break system


Odroid C2, Volumio V 2.002 plugin page, allows you to install Raspberry PI plug ins for LCD and GPIO

If you try to install LCD, it appears to install, but Volumio GUI becomes unresponsive, reboot does not fix problem, need to reinstall.

Suggest these plugins are disabled for Odroid C2 version.



Or, even better: maintain in either the plug-in, the device-image or somewhere online which plug-in is working for which device(s).

I will investigate, thanks for reporting…

HK is supporting us to get the Kiosk plugin working for LCDs on C1 and C2.
Tests sofar have been very positiv (5" and 7" working on a C2).
As soon as this is done and integrated into the Odroid Images, it will be announced.


That would be very, very nice.
I finally installed Volumio 2 on my C2 today and activated the touchscreen plugin. It seems to hang at 70% but if you refresh your screen it seems to be installed but not enabled. I am able to enable it but it doesn’t work. In boot.ini, 1080p is still activated iso 1024x600. I changed this but no luck yet.

On the Odroid forum I read that x11 has to be installed but when trying to do so I get error messages that I will run out of disk space. I use a 32GB MMC card, so either the repartitioning is not working properly or I need to increase the boot partition.


the plugin should actually install all you need, including x11, chromium and openbox as a light weight desktop manager
It can’t work yet as you need to initialise the framebuffer, for which a script should be added to rc.local.
You will find it here:
I’m going to add this to the C1 (has it’s own and C2 volumio image as standard the coming few days.
Send me a PM in case you like to test that