Plugins in Volumio 2 - how to install?


I’ve got a Raspberry Pi B+ with an IQaudio Pi-DAC+ & Volumio 1.55 and have installed an equaliser to tweak the sound a bit. I’d like to try out Volumio 2 but I’ll need the EQ plugin that is being worked on now, my setup won’t sound great without it!

I’ve got 3 questions:

  • How are plugins installed in Volumio 2?

  • if it’s by downloading a plugin file & copying it to a particular folder is there a central place where you can download all the various plugins that a available so that i can check to see when the EQ plugin is released?

  • If not is there a list of currently available plugins?


Ken Taylor

PS - Great work on Volumio 2, it looks great!

As far as I know, I don’t think that the equalizer plugin has been released yet. It would be very, very useful to have one.

You can get an equalizer with a manual approach as described here: equalizer-t45.html