[PLUGIN] YouTube2

Hi, This is kinda irrelevant but you previous topic about your old TV Box with AML8726-MX is locked. So I am writing this here.
I just want to install linux operating system on my old tv box too. I have been reasearching for 3 days and couldnt find a solution. Links are broken etc. Do you have any idea or resource for it?
Thank you!

Support for Amlogic TV boxes has been discontinued. The original author has long left the community, the links to his images were deleted, so we also removed them from the community portings page.

You could try the Armbian forum for pure linux images, there is not a lot and what there is, is unsupported (armbian.com, forum, tv box club).

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Okay sir thank you for your time :slight_smile:
Have a great day

I haven’t tried this yet but if youtube keeps playing API roulette, could you possibly use some sort of lightweight browser on the backend to get rid of api calls and just use HTTPS?

Hi, have same issue as @mrhung751.
Cannon start plugin. Using 1.8 version tested on latest stable and beta (3.182).

Right, so you are on Volumio 2? Did you switch the branch then?

No, definitely on volumio 3.
Plugin installed using plugins management page. Sorry but I Am new to volumio.

So it’s a different situation then. Without logs I do not know how I can help.

Please try

  • uninstall the app
  • power down an restart the pi
  • reinstall the app, following the instructions

tested v 1.8 with 3.182 no problems here.

Hi All,
revert back to stable version (3.179), there is an error according to module ‘googleapis’
error log

@patrickkfkan i don’t think it’s your plugin.
i think he needs a better spot for his wi-fi or use a cable instead of wi-fi.

# volumio endpointstest ---------------
https://google.com, 5141 ms: FAILED
https://www.googleapis.com, 5128 ms: FAILED
https://securetoken.googleapis.com, 5127 ms: FAILED
https://myvolumio.firebaseio.com, 5125 ms: FAILED
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 5127 ms: FAILED
https://oauth-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 5129 ms: FAILED
https://browsing-performer.dfs.volumio.org, 5132 ms: FAILED
http://cddb.volumio.org, 5136 ms: FAILED
https://functions.volumio.cloud, 5139 ms: FAILED
http://pushupdates.volumio.org, 5140 ms: FAILED
http://plugins.volumio.org, 5139 ms: FAILED
https://database.volumio.cloud, 5142 ms: FAILED
https://radio-directory.firebaseapp.com, 5146 ms: FAILED

Tested on both LAN and Wi_Fi connection. Firewall & router AdBlocker temporarily disabled. Can access some of above links from my web browser.

it still seems that volumio can’t get connected.

I’m listening now, no problems at all.
Youtube2 v0.1.8
Volumio v3.182

It could be an partition size issue. Volumio did not resize it on first boot. Now, when I am trying to install second plugin have " no space left on device, mkdir ‘/data/temp’" error. Maybe due to lack of space youtube2 plugin was not installed properly.

I was also wondering if this could be the issue. The error logs show that the googleapis module failed to install. If you know how to ssh into Volumio, you could run df to check the size of the overlay partition. Or you could uninstall the YouTube2 plugin first to free up some space, then install the System Information plugin (but the storage info is not as granular as df)

volumio@volumio:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2 2.5G 434M 1.9G 19% /imgpart
/dev/loop0 375M 375M 0 100% /static
overlay 132M 129M 0 100% /

this is strange, trying to resize using “touch /boot/resize-volumio-datapart” but with no luck

Here’s mine (64GB SanDisk):


Perhaps you could try with another card?