[PLUGIN] YouTube2

Hi Patrickkfkan, I just couldn’t play any youtube anymore. The live log info:

info: [youtube2-play] clearAddPlayTrack: youtube2/video@videoId=YTaWayUE5XA
error: [youtube2-play] clearAddPlayTrack() error
error: Status code: 404 {“statusCode”:404}

I’m using volumio 3.010, and the internet connection is tested OK.
Could you help to check?
Thank you

did you update to the latest version?
run the update part

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I already updated to the latest version and restarted. Quite strange…
However I realize that I missed the “git pull” command. I run again and it’s OK now.
Thank you dvo!

oke nice :slight_smile:

THANKS . My volumio YouTube is running again!!!
that is not easy for me , but here Above in Forum I got again enough info .
Every year Google makes us problems with YouTube plugins
patrickkfkan then always does a good job

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wouldn’t it help to use OSLC in order to avoid that the API breaks whenever Google tinkers (?). Of course Google would have to play along, but I think whoever offers APIs also has an interest in making them working.

I got a notification that Google will change the Data API on December 13. It sounds that it only affects the dislike_count field, but I’m unclear whether the YouTube2 plugin uses the Data API, and if so whether this has side effects. Therefore I think it’s worth to post this here:

Dear YouTube API developer,

We would like to inform you of upcoming changes to YouTube that will impact the data available via the Data API starting December 13, 2021.

On November 10, YouTube will be making the public dislike count private. Users will still be able to dislike videos, and creators will still have access to the dislike counts for their own videos in YouTube Studio. Learn more about this change in our blog post.

To make the dislike count private across the platform, we also will be removing public access to the dislike count data via our API.

Here are details on how this will and will not affect the API:
•	The dislike_count field within the statistics part of the video resource will be omitted on calls to the video.list endpoint except in cases in which the request is being authenticated as a user (such as the creator or the agent user) who owns the video that is being requested.
•	The videos.rate endpoint will be unaffected.
•	Developers who do not display dislike counts publicly and still need the dislike count for their API client can apply to be put on an allow list for an exemption.

If you would like to apply for an exemption, you must complete this application form. Otherwise, your access to public dislike count data via the Data API will end on December 13, 2021.

As a reminder, you must agree to the terms and policies to access or use any YouTube API Services.

Thank you for being a YouTube API developer.

The YouTube API Services team

No, this shouldn’t affect the plugin

when i enable youtube plusin it gives error like this. I have installed many times without success. I installed the latest drive. hope you can help.

What Volumio version are you on?
Please uninstall the plugin completely, then restart your device. Then install it again.

i use version 2.917. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times. Even recording the OS and installing a new one won’t work.

When activated, it will give an error

I would like to see a screenshot of the commands you executed to install the plugin as well as the output generated in the SSH console.

mkdir youtube2-plugin
cd youtube2-plugin
git clone GitHub - patrickkfkan/volumio-youtube2
cd volumio-youtube2
volumio plugin install

Switch to the volumio-2.x branch:

mkdir youtube2-plugin
cd youtube2-plugin
git clone https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-youtube2.git
cd volumio-youtube2
git checkout volumio-2.x   <------------ Switch to volumio-2.x branch
volumio plugin install

thank you i did as you and it worked.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

why did you remove manual install and update instructions???

For Volumio 3, you can install from plugins store (enable Test Plugins in dev mode first).

For Volumio 2.x:

i gonna start a new install 4 all …