[PLUGIN] YouTube2

@lizard_dude, would you be able to test this?

I upload a volumio screenhot with youtube list added and marked the gaps with red arrows.
On right side you can see the empty scrollbar.
The 2 first ‘invisible’ subscription links below:

hope its helpfull
Thanks !!

I noticed that !
The visible subscription’s has this symbol - and its editable:

The ‘invisible’ abos shows so - and no popup menu on pressing bell - symbol:

It’s a child - protection reason? and silenced notifications ?

Oh yes! I would love to! I’m gonna try to install this on my Pi4 and Zero when I can, and will report back on how it goes.

@j.j.p , so I’ve been trying to reproduce this issue by subscribing to the channels that were missing in your Volumio.

They do show up properly, so I’m wondering what could be the problem. The ‘bell’ symbol is just a notification setting that should have nothing to do with this plugin.

What Region and Language did you specify in the YouTube2 plugin settings? If the channel is not available in the specified region, then it might not show up…

Hi Patrick,

first of all thx for doing all this! I really enjoy this plugin!

What I am wondering is the version numbering, respectively the date in the name. The latest version is named “0.1.1a-20200311”, but I think it should be “0.1.1a-20210311”, isn’t it?

Regards Axel

Hi Axel, thanks for pointing this out. Yes, indeed it should be 2021 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’ll correct this on the next update.