[PLUGIN] YouTube2

@tekdrumio my question is then what are u using like plugins myvolumio ect.
then i recomment a version…i’m running 2 pi4’s tested in the time a few.
and still searching for the perfect combo i gonna jump soon from 3.015 i think back to 3.0.10
but if you have myvolumio in your pack it’s nothing for you…
( it misses that part pre release… of old version. but works well for me…)

I don’t have myvolumio. The plugins I’m using are SnapCast, SoundCloud, Youtube2, Backup & Restore Data and AutoStart. Will these work in the latest of version 3.xx?

i like the 3.0.10 if you don’t have my volumio

Thanks @dvo. I’ll give it a try this week on one of my pi’s

SnapCast i didn’t test but MixCloud, SoundCloud, Youtube2, Backup & Restore Data and AutoStart will work oke what does SnapCast? cast to a client i see… i would say just create a win32diskimage as backup and test it… btw if you use backup’s on multiple pi’s they will not see each other.
i’m still waiting on a anwser if SnapCast will work on 3.xx versions

don’t forget this if you do install 3.xx

Hi @patrickkfkan i think youtube has just changed. can you check and update Youtube Plugin :slight_smile:

did you run the update already? still playing scrap oke…


Sorry, kind of busy at the moment and for the next few days. I will look into this over the weekend.

@lizard_dude, if you mean casting from the YouTube app on your mobile phone to Volumio, then technically it’s possible - as you pointed out, Kodi has it (of course, Volumio would just be able to play the audio track). The difficult part that I can foresee is integrating this nicely into Volumio. I must admit there are quite a lot of things I don’t understand about Volumio’s code - the whys and hows, but I’ll give it a go when I have time.

@longmobi, the error message “certificate is not yet valid” is a hint. You may want to check your Volumio’s system time.

Awesome, thanks! That’s exactly what I meant. Can’t wait to see how it’ll go!

Totaly new to Volumio and loving it so far. I added this perfect plugin to use my YT premium play music. Installing is a breeze and even a tut on how to give access to your YT account. Running om RaspPi 1B with updated MPD with version 2.873 of Volumio.

I have made a playlist on YT and when I play it normal it works fine. When I select the Random function it keeps playing the same song over and over again. I see all the songs in the queue but they are just not getting played.

A search give me some threads from the past that random was nog working correctly, but no real solutions. Anyone here experiencing the same thing ?

Hello @PixelMagic, is this specific to the YouTube2 plugin, or are you seeing this behaviour even when playing a list of local files?

Frankly, I have not looked closely at the random feature. I would have thought Volumio is responsible for shuffling the tracks in the queue instead of a plugin.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply.

I have no local files at the moment, only using it to play internet radio and YT songs.

I share your idea that Volumio should do the random function on its own, but also have seen some issues before with it.

Could it have something to do that the album and artist are always the same on the plugin ? Will look some more into it the over the next weekend,


I solved it in another way that suits me best, made a php script that reads the YT playlist from Volumio API and randomizes it, then inserts it as a new playlist thru the API.

Was fun to create something myself and to be honest I was not looking forward on debugging it any further.

Anyways, keep up the good work with this plugin!

@PixelMagic are you releasing the add on or do you like that partick include it in the yt plugin?

@dvo if it has any value for others sure I will share the code, it is not much but if it helps. I need to test it a few days and do some cleanup, then I will post it here.

nice all addon’s are welcome, take your time :slight_smile: hope to enjoy it but it seems,
that it would be a add on for more plugin’s or local files too… getting shuffled already :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello !

I installed your plugin on RPI3 - Version 2.873 and successful set my Google Youtube API Key.
My problem, i only see 12 of my subscriptions but i have more…
On browser i see an empty scroll bar on the right side
The same on both - list / grid - View.
I don’t update the mpd - ist here the problem ?

Thanks !

Can you give me the links to some of the channels that you subscribed to but did not appear in Volumio?

MPD is not the cause here.

For the empty scroll bar, could you attach a screenshot here?

I’ll look into this when I time.