[PLUGIN] YouTube Music

Yes you need to update, to get the stable YouTube in Volumio.
Please be aware that this upgrade will wipe your SD. So if there is important data back-up first, or take a new SD card and flash it with V3.3.78


I have updated to Volumio 3.369.

The search results in YouTube Music 0.1.8 show the same garbage shit results as I had in the YouTube2 plugin on Volumio 2.

I also installed the “old” YouTube2 plugin on this Volumio 3.369 and it also is showing the same garbage shit results as I starting to get in Volumio 2 last year.

When I search in YT, in a normal browser, in a private window, behind the same VPN I do get proper search results.

So it looks like that youtube does not like people anonymous scraping content from their network with the Volumio plugins? What is going on here?

btw: the Podcast plugin on Volumio works great!

Best regards, Bass

just change your skin of volumio this will clear up the mess.

Sorry? a skin does really changes the search results? What do I miss?
It was working last year and it just changed behavior without that I changed anything.
The only thing that I noticed was that the VPN was disabled for some weird reason.

do you mean the crumbled text on one side left ?
if so yess, it’s just switching a skin.

No, the search results show YT video/channels/playlists that are totally off topic.
So when I search for CNN, then I get CNN stuff (garbage), except the real CNN results.

could it be that it’s paywalled?

I don’t know. It is weirder, because when I search in a normal browser, in a private window, behind the same vpn I do get proper search results, and I am not logged in either.
It is like the Volumio software got finger printed somehow by YT.

uhm have to see when patrick is back what we can do but if YT is doing it there is not a lot we can do.

What are you’re settings (keywords) in Youtube2?

Unless this is the garbage?


Scary stuff here: is Volumio backdoored?

Please provide an answer to my question, trying to help here.
And please don’t start with these kind of silly remarks.

The default keywords are all non copyright results. If this is still in the keywords, you’ll get garbage as result.

…search “CNN” from the plugin setting page

Like you said: the language setting and the item type does influence the results.

When language is on English and the item type is on playlist it does shows better results.

But it stays weird why my search results is Volumio are different than in a normal web browser.

But unlike CCN, for many other searches I always had on my list, it keeps showing off topic results.

try this on the settings page, as you still didn’t answer my question:
for channels use keyword channels
for Playlists use keyword Playlists
for Videos use keyword Videos

As you can’t search in the settings page, I think you mean ./browse => Youtube2

This plugin is great.

This week, when I go to the YouTubeMusci plugin and to “Library” I get a just get a list of a couple of playlists, I no longer see the options browse artists, albums, etc. This switched on all 3 of my volumio devices at once.

I’m using 3.396 on a PI4B, and old Lenovo PC, and a PI2. The YouTubeMusic plugin is 0.18.

Is this just me? Is it a change in YouTube Music? Anything to be done? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Live log doesn’t show any specific issues:

info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: ytmusic , handleBrowseUri info: [ytmusic-browse] browseUri(ytmusic) info: Preload queue cleared info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: ytmusic , handleBrowseUri info: [ytmusic-browse] browseUri(ytmusic/library) info: Preload queue cleared

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Yes, I am having the same issue. Just my playlist showing and nothing else,

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I’m pretty new to Volumio. Using YTM plugin since the day I installed Volumio, I had no problem at all - well, maybe a few user experience problems, but that’s minor

Recently the plugin often stops playing the list (whatever list it is) by continuing to play a number forever - after its play length, and never skipping to the next in the list.

Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a solution?

Same as Steve and Bob above, I’m just trying a few playlists under Library, not the list of albums I used to have.

Thanks for the plug-in, since I found it I’ve pretty much stopped listening to my installed music.