[PLUGIN] YouTube for Volumio

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Thanks @Axel

will go and have a look at it

Hi @patrickkfkan,

thansk very much for your effort.
I have 2 questions for you

  1. I have actually volumio 2.853 (latst version) with rapi2 and hi-fi berry. Mpd version 0.20.18. Is this the case to follow your insturctions here?
    MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86)
    I have upnp server can’t work and have problem in the past with youtube playback that interrupt at 3/4 of the song. I assume volumio is based on older debian version.
  2. To install the plugin i will follo your link. But don’t know if we can clone the plugin direclty from github. And then where can i create the youtube plugin installation idrectory? Inside volumio directory user of volumio?

Anyway thanbks very much for your work. We really appreciate and if you need tests write to me!


with the mpd update that would be something from the past … @queengab only if you keep the 0.20.18
you will have problems so update thempd and your good…dir will be : home/volumio/
extract it and do a manual install : volumio plugin install
for the mpd is the install way written in the posts above…


Since you’re on 2.853, it would perhaps be better for you to try the mpd update first to get rid of the playback cut-off problem (yes, just follow the instructions there). 3.010 has its share of issues and while the plugin works well without needing to update mpd, you may encounter other issues.

As @dvo said, you need to run volumio plugin install after cloning the Github repo. You can just go to the Github link and copy and paste the commands from the installation instructions (after enabling ssh on your Volumio device).

I suggest we all move to the new thread and raise questions about the new plugin there. This way, the post with the new plugin link will not get buried by the later posts.

with the mpd update that would be something from the past … @queengab only if you keep the 0.20.18
you will have problems so update thempd and your good…dir will be : home/volumio/

Can’t understand…please be more clear.

Anyway @patrickkfkan i report my experience.
Volumio latest version 2.853 on arm device (raspi2)
Updated mpd daemon and enabled (MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86))
Installed youtube plugin 2 and enabled youtube api method. Works like a charm!!!
Thank you very much. This is a great work for the community.


OT: i thinked the MPD update also resolved my problem with UPNB and bubble upnp server but can’t find nothing.

EDIt: i replied on the new thread!!
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installs fine. playback page showing thumbnail also but its not playing anything

on what are you replying? youtube or youtube2?
if you updated to youtube2 run the latest update… ( 26-12-2020 )
and for the 2.xx update the mpd,

On Raspberry PI 4, 4-Gig version
Volumio System Version 2.853
I installed the youtube2 plugin 0.1.0a-20201226
I updated mpd to version mpd-0.21.16_20191227
I played several tracks from youtube and do not have tracks stopping at 2/3, 3/4 of the way through now.

your welcome :slight_smile: that’s why you had to update to 0.21.16

Hello friends.
Can you help me get a full MPD update order !. I can not do that

MPD 0.21.16 for Volumio (arm, armv7 and x86) this is for the 2.xx
the 3.xx version al ready has it ( the eazy way )

Perhaps you could tell us the steps you did to update MPD, so we can better identify the issue. As @dvo mentioned, if you are running Volumio 3.xx beta release, then you should not have to do the update.

looks like this version stopped working after i guess the updates that google did.
on the other version of youtube looks like its working.
do you have also this version and its working?

@giorgosperi @patrickkfkan
Tested scraper version is still running …
Tested API version …even this version is running…
Youtube2 plugin 0.1.0a-20201219 version
System Version 3.015

did you try to play something? api works but when i try to play something doesn’t do anything.

yes i’m now listening level 42 :stuck_out_tongue: play list … reboot your system.

i had it on scraper so i switched to api added creds at first i had no sound after reboot it worked again
it seems more a system glitch because local sound didn’t play too

now i m confused or i m sleepy :stuck_out_tongue:
scraper is only on the 2nd version.
also i m using 2.729 version with youtube 0.1.0 version
my second pi tha plays is 2.853 with youtube 0.1.0a-20201226

there is already a newer version ?.. i use Youtube2 plugin 0.1.0a-20201219 version on 3.15
youtube old version is dead … so only use the youtube2

yeah on the second rasberry pi i have the latest version and it works fine.
the older version i was checking if its working because it was working long time now…but i think since the last change of google stopped