[PLUGIN] YouTube for Volumio

I think it’s ok.

mine on the latest version of volumio never worked fine.

@giorgosperi could u please provide a download of ur latest (2.729?) volumio version that works for u? I only have 2.692 on file.
Or anybody else can provide a download link, or is there a collection of older volumio versions available?
thank u very much for ur help

on file i have 2.714 2.773 and i have an image of sd card with 2.729.
i can upload probably it if you want. i was looking also an other version to download.

that would be awesome if u could manage an upload of file an Image. i would be very thankful for that :slight_smile:

i dont know if you saw this topic.

i requested and they posted some links. i have the same images i think except that i have also the 2.714

thank u so much, i haven´t seen this post before. thanks again, that helps me a lot :slight_smile:

you welcome we help each other here.
your youtube is working fine and with what version?

haha, thank u so much…
i haven´t give him a try so far. i will do that in the next few days… but when i have a combination running i will not change any more :smiley:

i did the same this is why i kept an image of v2.729.
i wish i knew if its working with a later version but not a big deal as long as it works.

i have tried all availiable versions of your plugin with latest volumio.img version but it all the time stuck at downloading plugin:
root@volumio:/home/volumio/Downloads/youtube# volumio plugin install

This command will install the plugin on your device

Compressing the plugin
Plugin succesfully compressed
Progress: 10
Status :Downloading plugin

and nothing happens next … any suggestion?

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are you installing it in the right place?

You should not be connected as user root but as user volumio to install.

How to install the youtube plugin for volumio

First of all we need to activate SSH:

Go to:

Volumio.local/dev (Or whatever your ip is)

Click enable SSH

For Win Users:

Download Putty:
+Install Putty
+Host Name (Your Volumio IP/The number)
+for Username type : volumio
+for pw type: volumio

To get the Youtube Plugin installed type:

wget http://volumio.github.io/volumio-plugins/plugins/volumio/armhf/music_service/youtube/youtube.zip

Now we need to create a folder:
mkdir ./youtube

Now we are going to unzip the compressed file we just downloaded:
miniunzip youtube.zip -d ./youtube

Now change directory:
cd ./youtube

From here we cann install the plugin with the following command:
volumio plugin install

It will ask you if you want to activate it. Just exit putty and reopen it.
now we will get rid of the installer files and the folder:
rm- rf youtube

Now we need to update:

npm install ytdl-core@latest inside cd /data/plugins/music_service/youtube/

Almost done. We need to restart :

reboot volumio

Go back to volumio.local/dev and disable SSH


This plugin don’t work.

I have installed this last night… then it worked… but this morning " error no results " showing again …

Running raspberry pi 3b latest volumio …

Do not forget to restart Volumio

if you are using you personal api check if you reached the limit

same here fresh install with leo’s how to …
worked once didn’t play sound … done a reinstall of the latest version of volumio and the youtube plugin 1.0.1 for the sparky …
now he’s trying to fetch with no result …

are you using personalized api?

i m installing manually the youtube plugin.