[PLUGIN] YouTube Cast Receiver

the Youtube Cast Receiver Plugin (v. 0.1.2) has ceased to work! :frowning:
Volumio appears on the list of available receivers but selecting it nothing happens.
Here is the log:

Volumio 3.378 on RPI3b

WARNING: ytdl-core is out of date! Update with “npm install ytdl-core@latest”

I had noticed it.
Should I have to update it manually?
Or I’ve to wait a new version of the plugin?

I don’t have that anwser…
I hope that @patrickkfkan can check what’s goinig on.
Till then just wait for it.

I hope so too! :wink:

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I took the plunge, and simply updating the YTDL-core package wasn’t enough. Oddly I also don’t see a notice in my logs that something is wrong (or right), perhaps some debugging option is missing? (even with verbose logging enabled)

after a cast stream is finished I have to reboot volumio 3.

Now I can not cast. Get connected to desktop notification but the stream does not play

Thanks for making this plugin, it’s almost working for me!

Can get stuff to play from the youtube app through Volumio pretty well, but the connection keeps dropping out. If I then go into the YT app and re-connect it’s fine again for 3/4 mins before disconnecting

This isn’t happening when I play through spotify, so not sure if this is plugin specific or something else, but would love some help if anyone’s able?

Just using the 0.1.2 plugin installed through the Volumio app, not made any changes to any settings yet

@patrickkfkan - first of all, thank you for your wonderful plugins!

Thanks to your YouTubeMusic plugin we can FINALLY enjoy YTM on our porch!

Quick Question: I see that YouTube cast doesn’t support the YTM app (YTM app sees Volumio as a cast device but nothing happens). I saw earlier in this thread this is due to a different type of authentication YTM uses. Is there any way to combine the authentication you are using in the YTM plugin with the Cast Receiver and have the best of both worlds? Or make a YTM specific cast receiver. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Authentication in the context of casting is different from YTM sign-in. They cannot be combined.

Updated v0.1.3, which you can find in the beta channel of plugin store. Mainly fixed MPD connection error. Try this version if you have problem with plugin not playing cast tracks.

To install from beta channel:

  • Uninstall current version.
  • Enable Plugins Test Mode in http:///dev
  • Find the YouTube Cast Receiver plugin in the plugin store. Click the Details button under it and choose latest beta version to install.
  • Restart Volumio.
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