[PLUGIN] YouTube Cast Receiver

is this a fresh install? or old install?

I’ll take care of this later today (working now)

Hello patrickkfkan,

short update from me.
I have a Volumio with the latest version freshly installed.
Got everything set up and started installing my previous plugins.
The first thing I installed was the plugin System Info:


Here I saw a lot of npm infos during the installation.
This plugin probably works excessively with it.
Tried to install Yt-Cast right after that and got the error right away.
After a new reinstallation and skipping the Systeminfo plugin I was finally able to install this plugin.

Thanks again for the help.

@balbuze could it be that system info does that? ˄˄

@sthan21 , you are experiencing the crash because the the plugin failed to start properly. This is also why you didn’t see Volumio as a cast device in the YouTube app / website. We need to identify the root cause of why the plugin failed to start in the first place. Could you go to the plugin settings and turn on Verbose Logging, then view the log as before with sudo journalctl -f -u volumio. Then deactivate the plugin, followed by reactivating it. This time, I would be interested in knowing the log corresponding to the plugin activation part (or you can just capture the whole log and send it to me as a text file through PM). I know this is quite troublesome, but I don’t see an easier way to debug this…


I got your PM with the output of sudo systemctl status mpd. I think it would be better to move the conversation back here as this could help others with similar issues.

The output of sudo systemctl status mpd on your Volumio shows this line:

This means that MPD failed to start due to a missing library. This should not happen on a stock Volumio installation, so I suspect you may have performed a dist-upgrade (e.g. apt-get upgrade) which is known to break Volumio.

With MPD broken on your system, a lot of the plugins won’t work.

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