[PLUGIN] wlswitch - 433Mhz transmitter

Hi All,

just finished my first plugin. I was in the need of powering up/down my external amplifier via a 433Mhz transmitter when Volumio is starting/shutting down. So I decided to try to achieve this by a plugin.

I think it’s not perfect, but at least it’s working :slight_smile: So forgive me, I’m a Newby.

Any feedback is appreciated.

github.com/maziggy/volumio-plug … switch.zip

Plugin configuration needs three parameters:

  • the GPIO pin the data link of the 433Mhz transmitter is connected to
  • the code to send on system startup
  • the code to send on system shutdown

Cheers, Martin

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much. I wished to have that for a long time. :smiley:

I’m on vacation until mid of September and will test it as soon as i’m back at my equipment.

Best Regards

Since I’ve had some “neighbor issues” with 433Mhz (which took me days to check it out) I replaced it with a Sonoff Wifi power socket and adapted the plugin. Just for the case someone else is in the use of it.

github.com/maziggy/volumio-plug … switch.zip

Cheers and thanks again for Volumio!


Hi Martin,

Sounds great :smiley:

I just started my vacation by going to France this year — but now i already cannot await to get back to the business… :wink:


It’s no rocket sience at all :wink:


Is it also possible you create a volume + / volume - file??


I don’t get it running…[emoji15][emoji17]

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