Plugin Wish List

I have been hoping for a simple 5 band eq that does not auto adj volume. Nothing overly complicated with 30,000 adjustments. Not to say someone else may not enjoy the EQ option we have now.

FusionDsp use in 15 band mode (ok it is not 3 or 5 or 7…). You just have to move sliders and apply… Too complicated? :thinking:

No offense I appreciate what you have done but I am just looking for a more basic EQ.

Having some experience with all streaming services out there I must say, Idagio is far the richest, most userfriendly, flac quality sonically. I again urge volumio to work on including Idagio into the possible sources,

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I’ve updated mp GPIO control plugin for Volumio 3, with delay and duration functionality for pulsing the output

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MS Surface Dial plugin! The MiniDSP version of volumio has it already!

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I think a plugin that can analyze the dynamic range (using the Pleasurize Foundation algorithm: Album list - Dynamic Range DB ( of the song you are listening to would be great, but I think there is no way to do that.
It may be possible, instead, to do a plugin that just shows the DR info, if present, from the file metadata (if you use the Foobar plugin to analyze DR, it writes the information as a metadata in the file).
I don’t have the skills to do this though, this is just a proposal :slight_smile:

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It would be lovely if there were plugins for Audiobookshelf and Podgrab.

Simple DJ type interface two mix, blend or overlap two songs, maybe with pitch, tempo.

It would be great if a plugin for Idagio were available. Although a Qobuz and Spotify user, Idagio serves up classical music like no other. Unfortunately, there seems to be no good way to get their CD quality stream going on Volumio.

Happy Friday!

Find duplicates and listen to them and choose which one to delete and to keep.

Also, an option to change the size of the cover album with just a slider somewhere. Some people like to keep it simple and barebones and not install too many plugins that do too much modifications. So, it ill just be a simple modification on the now playing screen.