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I was just rummaging around my closet and found my old iPod Nano. I was just thinking would it be cool if I could just jack this into my RP Volumio setup and listen to some music. Probably wouldn’t work with the classic as this would probably draw too much power but a small Nano should work okay.

hi guys,

I would like to have the plugin to link my SOUNDCLOUD account to my VOLUMIO and listen to the artists I follow.
it would be nice, yeah :wink:

Peppymeter plugin.

Bancamp! It amazes me that no one has mentioned it yet! Maybe the streaming music platform with the best policy towards artists, they have a very large catalog and many bands upload their records only there.
I know that I could download the albums (sometimes even in hi-res) I buy there, but sometimes it’s convenient to stream on the fly and it would be nice to do it with Volumio!

To link to your SoundCloud account, you would need to apply for a Client ID on their platform. Last time I checked, SoundCloud is no longer processing applications. That means there is no way at the moment for a plugin to access your SoundCloud account (and therefore the artists you follow).

Even if SoundCloud accepts applications, it is up to them to decide whether they will grant you a Client ID. Usually, a Client ID is associated with an “App” and you as an individual with no App will likely be rejected. An App that has a Client ID will be able to obtain data from your SoundCloud account after you grant access to it. This is however not without restrictions - the main one being a daily API quota limit. If there are a few hundred users actively using the App, then the quota will likely be exceeded soon and subsequent requests will fail. This is not unlike the old YouTube plugin that uses one API key for all users.

You can access your SoundCloud account with Mopidy (they got into the game early and were able to obtain a Client ID). I haven’t tested it so I don’t know how well it works though.

Having said that, it is possible to write a plugin that can access the public resources available on SoundCloud. Just wondering if it would be good enough for the majority of Volumio users… Those who would like to see one made, raise your hands :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:!

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:wave: thk

@tavellone , please test this if possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

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ohh thanks! :+1:

well, i did it. with the instructions it was very easy, i am incapable of doing these things on linux systems. i installed the plugin it seems to work. i can listen to the music. i have a question: how do I connect my SC account to Volumio? i have app on my iphone and so i have a client ID. is there any way to set my ID on SC?



I have only just seen the instructions. it is not possible to use the account at the moment. I hope to be able to do so soon. we are waiting for updates.

As long as SoundCloud doesn’t accept applications for API keys, then I am afraid this won’t happen. And when applications do reopen, I will foresee hurdles in the application process. We’ll see…

thank you patrickkfkan

any googlecast plugin maybe? like to stream the audio using googlecast.

Please, a version of softvol that also includes the option to modify LR balance. Or a LR balance plugin that also works with softvol.
At the moment it is a real pain to use alsamixer via ssh for volume/balance every time the device is turned on, because it resets when turned off, and changing the softvol volume resets the balance…

I’m not even sure if it’s possible to do this job in plugin form, but something like this could perhaps be a development of the present softvol implementation, which I think sets volume by way of alsa anyway. It just needs a leeeetle tweak.

Hello everyone,
I used to have Spotify and I loved the Spotify connect plugin but the sound quality is really not good so I switched to qobuz and there what happiness but I miss the plugin. Do you know if there will be a plugin for qobuz in the same style as Spotify?
Thank you in advance for your response and your work

I don’t think so. There already is the possibilty to work with Qobuz and Tidal. Look under “Sources”. But so far as I know it just works with a MyVolumio or Volumio Superstar abonnement as a premium feature.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have that, in fact I have no problem with the operation but I like the way the plugin works like Spotify because it allows you to have all the options and views of the qobuz application.

Arcam Amplifier Control

I would love to be able to switch my AR250 receiver on and off (from standby), adjust the volume and select the Volumio input channel. So much so, I will attempt to create this plugin myself.

the Arcam AR250 uses the same web-based API as a whole range of Arcam and JML receivers.
As it is a digital receiver, the plugin could also control the Internet Radio feature, which works with the BBC channels amongst others.

If anyone has experience of Arcam, or other IP based hifi remote control protocols, please could they DM me?

I have made a lot of progress on this. Using Python, I have built a command line script that can control most settings, including: Power On; selecting the Volumio input channel; set volume.
Would anyone like to help me build this as a Volumio plugin??

I’d love to see more customization for the touch screen display (e.g. bigger album art)

Also the possibility to get live lyrics on the touchscreen interface would be great!!

I suggest that you make a new appropriately named post, you will probably get more interest.

Hi,I’m a new user of volumio,great product.

Recently The music streaming service “KKBOX” have hifi & hi-res playback.

I wish volumio have support it.