Plugin wish for Volumio3 - Serial Control for Radio Transmitter

excuse please, if this here is not correct. I searched for serial and all keywords but did not find…

Here my wish and the reasons.

I wish a plugin like serialampcontroller but for control of a ELV SUP2 Radiotransmitter (i am a radio-collector and transmit my own short-range program on fm and am).

The SUP2 can recieve some signals via serial over USB. The Volumio can see this thing (serialampcontroller setup).
It recieves some signals like *RF:ON\n or *RDSP:FM 99.5 private transmission\n or *FREQ:9950\n

I think it will be useable for many radio-collectors who use actual old laptops with windows for the SUP2. This waste of ressources can be lowered massively.
Unfortunately i am not a programmer but i can provide all SUP2 commands and answers and the descriptions.
Maybe it is easy to modify the serialampcontroller-plugin (what i was not able to start on Volumio 3.198)

best regards