[PLUGIN] Virtual Keyboard

The plugin uses “matchbox-keyboard” along with the “matchbox-window-manager” to provide an onscreen keyboard which can be useful especially when the only input device is a touchscreen. It requires the Touch Display plugin to be installed.

From the configuration page of the plugin a keyboard layout can be chosen. The plugin currently provides keyboard layouts only for some languages but custom keyboards can be built. To be accessible by the plugin keyboard layout files need to be saved in “/data/plugins/miscellanea/virtual_keyboard/layouts/name of the language/keyboard.xml”. “name of the language” should be descriptive like “English - UK” as this will appear as an entry in the list box on the configuration page of the plugin. If multiple keyboard variants for the same language are desired each variants’ “keyboard.xml” needs its separate folder.

Note: The plugin currently does not work on Volumio 3.