[PLUGIN] Touch Display

Be aware that modified .css files will have the effect that system updates would not work anymore.

Do you mean the CSS file would reset to default after a system update or that I wouldn’t be able to do a system update or a system update would just crash everyone and nothing would work anymore? In that case, I’ll just leave it alone, doesn’t seem worth it.

System update will just fail, you’ll be stucked with the current version. The only way to recover is a factory reset.

And Now Playing is so customizable, you should be able to get to roughly the touchscreen look with bigger fonts. It’s fun and addictive!

Just to give you an example.

stock volumio

now playing

Fully customizable:

Yikes! Ok editing CSS is obviously not an option then. I’ll just go back to Now Playing, hopefully over time the progress bar issue will go away.

Thanks fo the examples all!

Progress bar can be switched off.

Hello everyone.
My apologies, I don’t know if I’m in the right place to expose what I am!!!
When I used in the past with the “2” versions of volumio installed on a “PI-3B” added to an official 7" screen, I reported the following fault:
The screen’s touch function is still active even when the backlight is off, which often leads to unknowingly activating a touch function when touching the screen to wake it up.
Version “3” of Volumio poses the same problem!!!
Wouldn’t it be possible, when you want to “wake up” the backlighting, that only this “wake up” touch function is active to the exclusion of all others?
Once the backlight is active, after a very short activation time, the other functions could be available.