[Plugin] Touch Display Lite

Hi guys

I have created a lightweight touch display plugin. It is designed for the official Raspberry Pi 7-inch touch display (could work for other touch screens). I wanted a simple, minimal interface that works well for Volumio in landscape mode and legible at a distance. 2aCD’s mods and the Now Playing plugin are great. But I wanted a more “spartan” interface, and preferably implemented natively. So I wrote this. A few features,

  • Designed for landscape mode. The official Volumio Touch Display plugin works best in portrait mode. But the 7-inch touch display is too tall in portrait mode.

  • Good performance even on Raspberry Pi 3.

  • Touch-native UI, similar to mobile apps. It runs on flutter-pi and no X-server is used at all.

I am sharing it to see whether this is useful to others. Bear in mind that this is in early stage and could be buggy. I have only tested it on my own setup (Pi 3, 7-in touch display, Volumio 3).


Touch Display Lite releases. Latest is 0.1.0.


Here is what it looks like,

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Fenzo, this looks promising! Exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve a 7inch Wavehare LCD and as soon I’ll fin the time I’ll give your plugin a try on my test system!

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Hi Fenzo,

Great - i think i do also have a use case for it. Thank you.

Would it be ease to invert the backgrond color (to black) to give the cover art more attention ? ( Unfortunately I am not a coder…)

Best Regards

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not black but a “darker shade of white” like (45,45,45)

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An option for a darker theme sounds good. Will do when I get to it.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I am happy to release Touch Display Lite 0.2.0.

What’s New:

  1. Dark Mode. You can enable dark mode on the settings screen. @Josh2000
  2. Default directory setting. This is also changeable on the settings screen. Press the “Home” tab once to go to the default directory. Press it once more to go to “root” (the list of all music sources).
  3. Repeat button. It was missing in v0.1.0.

The installation instructions in README are also improved.

Zip file download is still available from github

p.s. Dark mode screen shot:


Good stuff here. I know we are all interested most in the sound, but visual displays are an important part of the whole audio experience too. Well done.

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this plugin look realy nice, but is it possible to use it on a 5 zoll touchdisplay too?
I install it normal and the touch position is not on the correct possition.


What is the model of your display?

It could be due to the kernel using wrong resolution for HDMI. There is a bit of documentation in the readme about troubleshooting this. Search for “HDMI touch screens” on that page.

Let me know if it helps.

Great job!
It looks simple and clean.
But one topic does not work for me - maybe you have an idea.
If I click on the left side to this “home” area, I only see my mp3 files that are stored locally, but I can not select e.g.: internet radio, … . It is only a list of my mp3s.
Do you have an idea?
I have 7-inch display and newest volumio and plugin - just installed last weekend.
Many thanks
Best regards

The “default directory” is where you go to when you press the home tab. It is changeable on the settings screen. So you are free to have quick access to any directory. Press the “Home” tab once to go to the default directory. Press it again to go to “root” (the list of all music sources).