Plugin submission questions

For information; these are the instructions I use to submit my plugin.

cd /path/to/volumio-plugins-sources/my_plugin

// Set up credentials
git config --global “my github username"
git config --global “my github email"

// Stage changes
$ git add .

// Commit changes
$ git commit -m ‘message here describing the changes made’

// Push to remote master branch
$ git push origin master

volumio plugin submit

Submit a PR.

This list of commands seems to work but I have a number of questions:

After issuing the ‘volumio plugin package’ I removed the node modules and the zip file - as has been requested in the past. Is this still necessary? (I have a feeling that the ‘submit’ command put them back in?)

The plugin is now waiting for approval. I have since made a number of changes to index.js and strings_en.json. What steps do I now need to take to update/re-submit the plugin? A beginners step by step guide needed :upside_down_face:

I live in fear of doing wrong!

Say you’ve made some changes to your plugin and would like to resubmit it. You would then push those changes to your repo and submit a PR, like you did the first time. Note that, if the previous PR has not been merged by the Volumio devs, you won’t have to submit a PR again. The previous PR will already contain the new changes. You would instead go and edit that PR and change the title as appropriate. For example, if your previous PR is titled “Update xxx plugin < some version >” , then you would change the title to “Update xxx plugin < new version >”.

Then you would proceed to volumio plugin submit. Pay attention though: if you have changed some node modules for your new version, you should also remove node_modules before submitting the plugin. I also remove package-lock.json so that newer node module versions (if any) will be included in the package. So:

(In /path/to/volumio-plugins-sources/my_plugin)
$ rm -rf ./node_modules
$ rm package-lock.json

$ volumio plugin submit

Thank you. Will try later.