[PLUGIN] Squeezelite MC

Hi everyone,

So I have been playing around with Logitech Media Server recently and sort of taking my time off Volumio. Still, I have written a plugin that is similar to @Saiyato’s Squeezelite plugin, in that it installs the Squeezelite player on Volumio and enables Volumio to act as an LMS endpoint. I call this plugin “Squeezelite MC” because it additionally provides (M)onitoring and (C)ontrol:

  • Monitoring enables Volumio to display playback status of the Squeezelite player (song title, artist, album, etc.)
  • Control allows pause / resume / next / previous / random / repeat / volume adjustments to be done from Volumio

Password-protected servers are also supported. You just have to enter the credentials in the plugin settings.

I hope to keep configuration minimal. So, unlike Saiyato’s plugin, the Squeezelite MC plugin doesn’t provide settings like ‘ALSA parameters’ or ‘Extra parameters’. Instead, it uses Volumio’s settings to start Squeezelite. Currently, the following “Playback Options” are taken into account:

  1. Output device
  2. Mixer type / Mixer control name
  3. DSD playback mode (you can still override this in the plugin settings)

However, because of the range of setups out there, I cannot say if the end result will be good in every case. This plugin is definitely experiemental at this stage and it might turn out that manual input of some Squeezelite parameters is required after all…

The plugin has been submitted to Volumio plugin store and pending acceptance. Until then, you can try the plugin by manually installing it. To do so, first make sure you have enabled SSH access on your Volumio device. Then, SSH into Volumio:

// Make sure there are no other Squeezelite plugins or binaries installed

$ ssh volumio@<your_Volumio_address>

// You can copy and paste each line after the $ sign

volumio:~$ mkdir squeezelite-mc-plugin
volumio:~$ cd squeezelite-mc-plugin
volumio:~/squeezelite-mc-plugin$ git clone https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-squeezelite-mc
volumio:~/squeezelite-mc-plugin$ cd volumio-squeezelite-mc
volumio:~/squeezelite-mc-plugin/volumio-squeezelite-mc$ volumio plugin install

Progress: 100
Status :Squeezelite MC Successfully Installed, Do you want to enable the plugin now?

// If the process appears to hang at this point, just press Ctrl-C to return to the terminal.

Source / readme: https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-squeezelite-mc

Feel free to raise issues or suggestions here (but please, check the readme first).

Have fun!




Thanks for your contribution.
So it will only add the endpoint, you need the LMS server on other machine?

Yes, you still need LMS server on another machine (or same device as Volumio - it’s possible).

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I’m using it and I’m liking it.