[PLUGIN] SoundCloud

Hi everyone,

I need help with installing this please, as the original instructions don’t reflect latest situation. When doing ssh, I got a login prompt for github, which i completed, but then it blocked me anyway, as “Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.
remote: Please see Token authentication requirements for Git operations | The GitHub Blog

So i’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole of working out how to use personal access tokens, which after trying, seems quite hard.

Relatively i’m a beginner with Volumio/RPI (played around with picoreplayer and moode, they basically worked, but wasn’t feeling them in terms of stability and support).

Questions about possible workarounds: can I just download a file on windows, and paste it on the SD slotted into my laptop? (would be easy, not sure if possible), or download then ssh it “locally” from my laptop onto the SD inside the RPI, anything to avoid all this credentials issue?

Thanks in advance!

what did you do ?
is this how to install volumio or the sound cloud plugin?

if you downloaded a image of volumio burn it with etcher on your sd card.

You shouldn’t need to provide any credentials when doing a git clone . What were the commands you entered?

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply, really looking forward to enjoying your work, if my brain can get around it(!)
Basically I was entering these commands one by one:

volumio:~$ mkdir soundcloud-plugin
volumio:~$ cd soundcloud-plugin
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin$ git clone https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-soundcloud.git
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin$ cd volumio-soundcloud
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin/volumio-soundcloud$ volumio plugin install

and by I think the third one, that’s when it went “off script” so to speak, and at first asked for me to login. I entered my details, and even though it had asked for login, it then said login is not enough anyway! ““Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.” I can do it again to get a screenshot if that helps?

Thanks again!

Volumio SounCloud
Buenas instale el pluggin según indicaciones y estoy super contento ya que utilizo mucho SoundCloud. De Linux y de programación no tengo ni idea, pero quería aportar un truco que a mí me fue útil, por si puede interesar . Como con el plugin no puedes iniciar sesión, en principio escuchar las pistas que tu tienes guardadas se antoja complicado y buscarlas una a una cada vez pues todavía lo es más.
Así que para evitar eso, hice Listas de Reproducción desde la app (android) de Souncloud, después me busco como usuario y al darle a una lista ya me envía todas las canciones a la COLA DE REPRODUCCIÓN de Volumio, y ya las escucho.