[PLUGIN] SoundCloud

@Maegashira, @audiofan Thank you and let me know if you see room for improvement (within my abilities :laughing:)

How can I install plug-in for soundcloud or mixcloud into my Volumio Primo hifi edition, I don’t have practice, and I need something easy. thanks at all.

enable ssh
your_ip/dev or volumio.local if you didn’t change te name

if you got putty ssh in to your device again your_ip and login and password both are : volumio

after that go to the page of soundcloud

go to Getting Started follow the step there this should install the plugin and the same for mixcloud or youtube2

I’m going to get putty ssh, following your steps

if you need some help just say so :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope it’s easy

I just installed putty 64 bit, and after that?

do you know your ip of your primo?

I try to remember

most of the time it’s 192.168.1.xxx you can find it under settings >> network

thanks, find it

I’m into soundcloud (already have an account) but i don’t see Getting Started

this is only the free part of soundcloud so there is no login… same with mixcloud
and youtube2 (can use api login with google account ) or you can use scraping
but you can use the top search box to find what’s there

ok, but I put my IP volumio into box serching and I do enable to SSH box, are you sure any damage could be to volumio?

oke recap all the steps you did… this sounds like mixed info…

first I download Putty, than i found my IP volumio, I wrote my IP volumio 198…/dev/…and

1 in a browser use your_ip/dev or volumio.local/dev
2. enable ssh in your_ip/dev
3. go in to putty use your_ip as hostename and save it
4. press open
5. you get a screen of putty with
login: volumio ( press enter)
password: volumio ( press enter)
6. now follow the steps of soundCloud instructions Getting Started:

  1. paste this and press enter :
    mkdir soundcloud-plugin

  2. paste this and press enter :
    cd soundcloud-plugin

  3. paste this and press enter wait till it finishes:
    git clone https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-soundcloud.git

  4. paste this and press enter :
    cd volumio-soundcloud

  5. paste this and press enter wait till you see Progress: 100,Status :SoundCloud Successfully Installed
    volumio plugin install

  6. enable sound cloud under plugins

I’m to point 6, where can I find follwing steps of soundcloud?

no you first have to install the plugin…
after that enable the plugin…

sorry i don’t understand, I just have to enable soundcloud plugins?