[PLUGIN] SoundCloud

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the reply, really looking forward to enjoying your work, if my brain can get around it(!)
Basically I was entering these commands one by one:

volumio:~$ mkdir soundcloud-plugin
volumio:~$ cd soundcloud-plugin
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin$ git clone https://github.com/patrickkfkan/volumio-soundcloud.git
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin$ cd volumio-soundcloud
volumio:~/soundcloud-plugin/volumio-soundcloud$ volumio plugin install

and by I think the third one, that’s when it went “off script” so to speak, and at first asked for me to login. I entered my details, and even though it had asked for login, it then said login is not enough anyway! ““Support for password authentication was removed on August 13, 2021. Please use a personal access token instead.” I can do it again to get a screenshot if that helps?

Thanks again!

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Volumio SounCloud
Buenas instale el pluggin según indicaciones y estoy super contento ya que utilizo mucho SoundCloud. De Linux y de programación no tengo ni idea, pero quería aportar un truco que a mí me fue útil, por si puede interesar . Como con el plugin no puedes iniciar sesión, en principio escuchar las pistas que tu tienes guardadas se antoja complicado y buscarlas una a una cada vez pues todavía lo es más.
Así que para evitar eso, hice Listas de Reproducción desde la app (android) de Souncloud, después me busco como usuario y al darle a una lista ya me envía todas las canciones a la COLA DE REPRODUCCIÓN de Volumio, y ya las escucho.

I seem to have a different kind of error when I try to install the plugin. Here is a screen shot of the error message:

It seems the zip file didn’t get created during the compression stage.

Instead of volumio plugin install, try this first:

$ volumio plugin package
$ ls


Do you see soundcloud.zip ?

If you don’t see this file, run the following command to see how much space you got left on your disk:

$ df

What is the output of this command?

Patrick what about publishing this plugin? I think it will be really beneficial for it :wink:

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Patrick did a very nice job with several plugins (youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, mixcloud), it would be great to have all of them published! They also work out-of-the box on Buster

Some of the SoundCloud streams are served in Opus format which don’t play well with 2.x’s MPD. Same goes for Bandcamp and especially YouTube. I will consider submitting a PR when Volumio Buster is released.

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I might be being a bit of a donut (it certainly wouldn’t be the first time), but I couldn’t find these instructions in the Readme on the git page. I know they were there a while ago as I installed this plugin (which is great) on my first couple of players, I recently found I had an old pi2B that I didn’t have a use for, so I’ve installed volumio on that as well.

I was struggling to find the install guide but got the mkdirs from the above screenshot and then these commands and am currently listening to some radio shows from a community station. It might just be my knowledge of how to navigate git hub, which I don’t very often, but it would be useful to have them back in the Readme, if they’ve been overwritten.

Great plugin, hope you’re able to get it published, are you going to wait and see if there’s a Volumio ‘bullseye’ in the pipeline first?

Hi @Shutterist , the Github repo now has two branches. From the Readme:

  1. The master branch is targeted towards Volumio 3.
  2. The volumio-2.x branch is targeted towards Volumio 2.x.

The idea is to focus development of the plugin on Volumio 3, and backport any changes to the V2 branch. Eventually, when Volumio 3 becomes mainstream or it is no longer possible to support the plugin on Volumio 2.x, I can simply end the V2 branch.

The plugin has been published for Volumio 3 so the master branch does not have installation instructions. If you switch to the volumio-2.x branch, you will see the installation instructions there. I did not publish the plugin for Volumio 2.x because some streams do not play well with the stock MPD that came with V2.

I assume you have installed the plugin meant for Volumio 3, but that is fine in this case because the code is mostly identical.

I’ll update the first post of this thread to point Volumio 2.x users to the correct branch.

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Plugin stopped working on my V2.x system. Is it possible to debug error messages? Then I can send details about the problem.

When I click soundcloud in the menu nothing is shown on the right side.

  1. Restart Volumio to clear current logs
  2. Click Soundcloud
  3. Send logs (provide the link to me)

I highly appreciate your fast reply, thanks.

After restart, the soundcloud plugin seems to work again. Does it make sense to send the log anyway? If this behaviour appears again is there a way to debug without restarting the device to find out what is going wrong?

In that case, if the problem happens again, you can send me the log without restarting

Hi Patrick,

thank you for this plugin! It really helps me out big time in my everyday life :slight_smile:

Update: I just realized the issue is a completely different one!

Really, the trouble is that I added a soundcloud playlist to a volumio playlist. If I select a track after the soundcloud playlist in my volumio playlist, it will be the track according to the soundcloud playlist! So, essentially I will see the tracks I’ve added to the volumio playlist but in reality it will play the tracks from the corresponding position in the soundcloud playlist while displaying the track I added to my volumio playlist. I hope this is understandable.

I.e. I add a 5 track playlist from soundcloud to a volumio playlist. Then I add 5 more tracks to the volumio playlist. When I play the second track from the latter, the actual track being played will be track #2 from the soundcloud playlist!

old issue

I came across the following issue: When I browse for tracks and I have several tracks in a search that I want to add to a playlist, for some reason it saves the wrong tracks in there! They are tracks that I have listened to, but they dont fit the description in the playlist. The description also shows a different song in the “now playing” window below, once I play them but it’s definitely not the track I wanted. This only happens when I add more than one track per search, so I would need to search again, then add the next track, search again, and so on.

Any way you could address this issue?

I’m using Volumio 3 and I just flashed it a few days ago and had the issue from the start.


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Hi Phylanx, I do not think this can be addressed at the plugin level, since the “Add to Playlist” function is provided by Volumio.

Ah, damn. Where should I post this instead then?

Hi. I seem to have an issue in soundcloud since upgrading to volumio 3. There are bits of what look like HTML code appearing in the interface, l.e "> and PARTY "> for example
and when I do a search everything ends up jumbled on top of the previous line. I don’t think I can attach a pic here, other wise I would add a screen shot to show what I mean.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this

what version of SoundCloud are u using? the 0.1.4 looks oke here.

Hi, Just a note to say that following those instructions, installing the 0.1.4 version and rebooting the pi got it to work nicely.