[PLUGIN] SoundCloud

Hi everyone,

SoundCloud plugin available for testing. You can find it here:


Follow the instructions there to install it (also go through the rest of the readme for a better understanding of what to expect from this plugin). For Volumio 2.x, it is also recommended that you update your MPD. Otherwise, you may encounter seeking issues for some tracks.

EDIT: note that this plugin does not support user login, for reasons stated in the readme.

You can raise issues here as you find them, and feedback is of course welcome.



Wow!!! This is great news! I will definitely give it a try a soon as I get a chance.
Volumio wins!!!

Thanks @patrickkfkan !!!

thanks for the soundcloud plug-in, just installed and it all seems to work fine :smiley:

if I run into problems I will report it here.

Update available with the following fixes:

  1. Tracks in albums and playlists now appear in the same order as you would see on SoundCloud.
  2. I came across a few SoundCloud titles having a newline character in them :astonished: - this causes playback to fail. The current update fixes this.

Follow Github link for instructions on how to update.