[PLUGIN] SerialAmpController - Control Amplifiers with Serial Interface from Volumio (e.g. ROTEL A12/A11/A14)

Just finished testing a new plugin I wrote for controlling my ROTEL A12 amplifier with built in DAC.
The amp is connected to Volumio on a RaspberryPi 3 with HifiBerry Digi Hat via optical SP/DIF. Since the optical connection does not allow volume control from Volumio, I bought a cheap USB-to-RS232 converter based on Prolific PL2303.
The plugin allows to control volume and mute from the Volumio GUI and supports some additional features like:

  • defining max volume
  • defining startup volume
  • map to 100
  • pausing and resuming when amp is muted
  • pausing and resuming when input source of amp is changed
  • switching to the correct source when play is pressed on volumio

The configuration of the serial interface and the commands to send to the amps are stored in a json file that can easily be extended to support other models and brands.
I already added ROTEL A14 and A11 (since the documentation was available) but could not test them directly, since I only have A12 (I did some simulation with the A12, however).

I tried to make the implementation in such a way, that it hopefully works with other amplifiers easily - however, expect some need for debugging and testing, when you try to extend it. I’ll try to offer support here, but my time for that is quite limited.

Links to Github and info summary can be found on the Volumio Plugins Collection Topic

Well done on the plugin. :slight_smile:

Would you mind please adding a single post to the Volumio Plugin Collections summarising your plugin details, and allowing people to easily find while browsing plugins? You can also put a link there to this post, which can act as a focus for feedback and questions.

Sorry - I remembered I had to do a post somewhere, but because I accidentally unpinned the “Volumio Plugins Collection” I did not see it and thought that I had to post directly into the channel with the [PLUGIN] prefix.
Did my duty now and also opened the PR again, after fixing a bug.
And most important - pinned the topic again.
Thanks for the nudge…