Plugin request for album art web server MPoD/MPoD clients

In volumio 1.55 I used the web server tweak to include the music root folder in the web server to make album art available in MPoD/ mpad mod clients. This worked great. I hope something similar will be included in standard Volumio or as a plugin. I miss this functionality now in 2.0

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I´ve the same question/request. For 1.55 I found a pretty simple solution after a series of attempts:
Beside the fact, that I extracted all my covers into a Folder.jpg in the designated folders, I just added in the nginx.conf (after the definition of localhosts on port 81/82) the following lines:

# cover art in MPoD and MPaD
    location /cover {
    alias /var/lib/mpd/music;
    autoindex on;
    autoindex_exact_size off;

In mPoD res. mPaD I just had put in the settings for local cover art
And that´s it. It works perfect!

So now the volumio Team changed obviously from NGINX to node.js - which is completely unfamiliar to me.
Is there anybody here how can tell me how I - like described above (as simple as it) - can set up a web server, resp. can pass the mapped path to Mpad/mPod using node.js?

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Done yesterday with this: … 14a962b860

use ip/cover-art and you’ll be ok

You can find the build at …

Or update by following this instructions:

Great! I will test this as soon as possible. (Currently testing the Spotify Connect plugin which is not yet installable on the latest image, so I need to create a second SD for testing this)

And it works!

Thanks! Volumio 2 is an amazing product and will get even better every day.

Great!! May I ask you a favour?

Could you write (here in this thread) a little guide on how to enable this feature (maybe with screenshots? ) . So I will add to Volumio2 user manual, and I think it will be quite useful…


Hi Michelangelo,

thx a lot. That´s the way I like it! one line of code and it works!
Good things have to be simple - and so this is it.




You mean a mini guide on how to setup MPoD/MPad to make cover art from Volumio available?

When starting the MPod app for the first time:

  1. Select “Add payer manually” and fill in the following information:
  • Connection - Name: Volumio
  • MPD - Server: volumio.local (or ip-address)
  • Local Cover Art - URL: volumio.local/cover-art
  • Local Cover Art - Cover Filename: folder.jpg

Leave all other settings at the default.

Important note: The cover art URL including the file name is case sensitive, all your music folders need to use the same casing. (folder.jpg != Folder.jpg)

I will try to make some screenshots to make it even easier.