[PLUGIN] Randomizer Plugin

Randomizer is a plugin which gives the user three buttons to;

Play a random album.

Play a number of random tracks.

Play the album of the currently playing track.

The three functions are also available to lirc Remote Control users by adding;

config = node /data/plugins/miscellanea/randomizer/randomAlbum
config = node /data/plugins/miscellanea/randomizer/randomTracks
config = node /data/plugins/miscellanea/randomizer/trackToAlbum

to three spare buttons in their lircrc file.

The current number of random tracks is set to 25. Currently this can be changed by editing;
where more details can be found.
Possible future development may include a user definable number of tracks.

Randomizer is currently running on version 2.882.
If anyone wants to test it with Volumio 3 and report back I would be grateful.

At present it takes three clicks to get to the plugin buttons, life would be easier if the plugin could be reached directly from the main menu (as in the Radio Paradise plugin for example). Maybe if enough people wanted this - it might happen, I don’t know.

@Old_Duffer if you post the git i will take a look

I would if I could! Very limited GitHub knowledge! Help!

No need to Git… The plugin is available in the plugin page

Which version of 3 should I download to test a plugin? The one I’ve tried has the plugins blocked.

oke …test 3.10 for you…

seems to work… but why not random in queue?

Never really thought of that. Double random?

there is already a random play in queue

Yes but I wanted a completely random queue, no deciding what to play, and then loading and playing an album if I liked the track

i have to create more folders for that most of the time i get or a motherload of songs
and with the second i get 1 song… but that is how you have your structure in your albums…