[Plugin] pirate audio

FWIW, I have tried the workaround from ARCUK and within minutes the display&buttons were working, didn’t get all the error when executing “sudo pip install socketIO-client”.
I have Volumio 2.917 on Rpi3, the command “wget https://bootstrap.pypa.io/pip/2.7/get-pip.py” seems to overcome the errors so thank you for putting together the pieces, it works for me.

Thumbs up!

Working for me - install the old Plugin, ssh, follow the instructions above = success!

thank you for the update. I have tried it out. For me the instructions worked flawlessly on the Raspberry Pi Zero. Excellent! Used the latest image, tested your instructions, installed and activated the plugin. Bingo, everything is up and running. (Except I had to remap the button for “louder”.)

Internet radio, music from SD card or web server were working and showing the cover. Airplay worked, no cover was shown.
If I can test anything else, let me know.


I’m having some strange behaviour from the “Y” button (louder volume). Since it stopped working either as volume or select button, I tried to reassign it via GUI between GPIO 20 and 24, to no avail.
Now when the “Y” button is pressed, it would mess the screen with random lines. Any reason for this? It was working fine for the first few days.

By the way, the background image that’s displayed in the board screen (not the one in the browser GUI) always shows the “Volumio” letters and overlaps with the the menu lines, making hard to read the small display. I suppose there’s a config. file that can be edited?

Again, many thanks for the good work done!