[Plugin] pirate audio

Hey there, great plugin, works flawlessly, and even enables me to shutdown without browser.

There’s however 2 things i’d like to see:

  1. Scrollable song name - most songs display name is longer than one screen, so you don’t see everything…
  2. Turning off screen after shutdown - when I shutdown it with power still connected, last screen is shown. I’ve read somewhere that i can do that with some gpio plugin but i’m clueless…


i am glad to hear you are enjoying my plugin.

To 1st: Scrolling text is possible (in general) but takes a lot of cpu power for the python script. Also 240 x 240px is a limitation, where not everything is possible to display (even with scrolling text). I am not planing to add scrolling text in the near future.
To 2nd: This is because of the backlight pin (see userconfig.txt -> gpio=13=op,dl), i dont know how to tell raspberry pi to keep the state after fully shutdown. I have a portable volumio solution with adafruit powerboost pcb, which cuts the power after a few seconds after shutdown.



Thanks for the info… I’ll double-check turning off, maybe there’s simpler solution :wink:

Amazing work @AxLED, thanks for the plugin.
One quick remark: the remaining track time only updates if I click one of the buttons. Is that expected?


i know. The remaining time only refreshes, if a websocket message is received. This can be varius events:

  • clicking one of the buttons of pirate audio hat
  • new song from playlist or webradio
  • any clicks from web UI or smartphone app

Maybe i have to include a timer within the next release, which refreshes remaining time every x-seconds.