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Hi, the state is below.

It’s the same if I leave the touch display setting at zero or change to 10seconds for example.


1280x720 should look like this:

I suspect this could be a network problem, where Volumio fails to send weather info / icon images back to the client. You really should open DevTools in your browser (F12) to diagnose this. A quick way to see if something is getting in the way of network requests and responses is to check the Network tab. So, in my case, I see this in DevTools → Network tab when the Idle Screen is active:

Remember to open DevTools before going to the Now Playing URL, so that all network requests are captured. Then wait for the Idle Screen to kick in and see if you spot any errors reported by DevTools.

The stop status is correct, but come to think of it, won’t setting the screensaver timeout just activate the screensaver after the timeout thereby hiding the Now Playing screen? If Peppymeter is this “screensaver”, then won’t checking “No Screensaver While Playing” actually disables Peppymeter when a song is playing?

Hi Patrick,

Does, the plugin works with Roon

If you are referring to the Roon Bridge plugin, then no. See the posts starting from this thread:

If Roon Bridge doesn’t convey now playing info to Volumio, then there is nothing that can be done by the Now Playing plugin.

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People seem to forget, that the plugin is just an automated installation of Roon Bridge, a standalone task (not a service) which accesses the DAC directly via alsa. It has nothing to do with Volumio, who is not even aware of this task is running. Roon Bridge itself does not expose any interfaces. The only way to get your local display to show what is playing on Roon is to remove the touch screen plugin, and replace it with a similar kiosk, showing the Roon Display URL instead.

Hi there,

I configured my “Now playing” to a very simple and clean iPod like Interface and I am really happy with it, but is there an option to hide the three dots in the top right to get it fully clean?

Thank you!

Greets from germany

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Currently you can’t. I’ll add option to hide it when I have time.


I have a little more information that may or may not help with the progress bar issue.

I installed BubbleUPnP to use as a control point. It seemed the progress bar was working normally… I realized gapless playback was not enabled so I went to settings and turned it on. After that the progress bar started staying on the right side of the screen and not moving.

Hi Patrick Nice plugin

Noted. I’ll see if I can reproduce this issue with gapless playback and hopefully come up with a solution.

Hi Patrickkfkan,

i have notice, that when playing tidal you see the logo of tidal
when playing Qoubus you don’t see the logo of Qobus, in the earlier version of now playing there is