[PLUGIN] NanoSound CD plugin

hello nanomescher,
I have a slot-in drive with no physical eject button.
Every time I want to eject the CD, I have to press View Settings–>Plugins–>Installed Plugins–>Settings of Nanosound CD–>Eject Button.

It would be very nice if you could add a separate eject button directly in the browse menu under NanoSound CD. With an additional eject button, I would listen to audio CDs more often than I do now.

thank you nanomesher for the great cd plugin.

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I concur, it’s a great plugin but I also use a slot-in drive, so an easily accessible eject button would be very welcome!

Hello Nanomesher Team,

I need help :frowning: I got a SATA drive and installed the Nanosound CD plug in, however It doesn’t seem to be working,

it does allow me to eject a CD through Volumio, however it does not ready the contents of the CD at all :frowning: I did test the drive on my Windows 10 machine and it seems to be working 100%

I am currently using a Raspberry Pi 4 - 8GB with a 128GB memory card.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I am using a IQaudio Dac Plus with Volumio 2.882 and the plugin installed. It has been working previously very well but since I
changed the mixer type to none the cd plays but no sound comes out. I tried auto config audio and
it still didnt work. I then changed the mixer back to software and did the auto config again
and it still did not work.

the results from /data/nanosound_cd/asound.conf can be found below

defaults.pcm.card 2
defaults.ctl.card 2



defaults.pcm.rate_converter “speexrate_best”

pcm_slave.x4 {
pcm “hw:2,0”
rate 176400

pcm_slave.x2 {
pcm “hw:2,0”
rate 88200

pcm.rate_convertx4 {
type rate
slave x4

Any help would be appreciated as it was a great plugin.

Can you please paste the content of /etc/asound.conf ?


Its empty.


Change you please change it to </data/nanosound_cd/asound.conf>

or just run

echo “</data/nanosound_cd/asound.conf>” | sudo tee -a /etc/asound.conf


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It could be a power issue. Do you hear it spins? thanks

Hi there, I hear it spin, and I see the light flash, but then it comes to a stop, when I click on Nanosound CD in Volumio, I hear no activity from the drive.

Thank you. works now.