[PLUGIN] MPD OLED - installation & configuration plugin

This 2.42 inch oled display is compatible with this plugin?

Yup, I use a 2.42 inch OLED with the plugin. It’s not the plugin that implements the display functionality, it’s the mpd_oled software itself. Works well.

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Do you have any tips how to drive this screen, SPI or I2C ?

I2C defo!

I tested the build with the latest version of Volumio ( 2.882 )
while executing : volumio plugin install the following error is generated in the MPD_OLED bit.

The following information may help to resolve the situation
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
build-essential : Depends: gcc (>= 4:4.9.1) but it is not going to be installed.
Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.9.1) but it is not going to be installed.
Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.17.11) but it is not going to be installed.

I am guessing this has nothing to do with your code, but more with the code of @Adrii .
For now, if you want to use this or Antiprism OLED plugin use the Volumio 2.873-2021-02-19 version.
Which i made a link as Volumio does not maintain history downloads

Hi Bart

The issue only affects building from source. I also provide a binary mpd_oled package for Volumio (to install and configure from the command line), that should not be affected this issue

mpd_oled/install_volumio2_deb.md at master · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub


The master @Adrii has spoken! Yeah, go for the latest version of mpd_oled from GitHub and the plugin should still work fine.

UPDATE: I’ve changed the plugin to install the binary version to get around the build issue - let me know if it works please @Bart

I did see on mpd_oled GitHub page that there were build issues on the latest version of volumio. Adrian has raised it with the Volumio team but I don’t know how close they are to fixing it.

I do intend to do another version of the plugin that works with Volumio 3…

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Hi @supercrab ,
my test:
Raspberry Pi 4 B 2GB + I2C 1.3 inch OLED display.

Volumio version : 2.882-2021-04-24
Install routine used as always:

wget https://github.com/supercrab/volumio-plugins/raw/master/plugins/miscellanea/mpd_oled/mpd_oled.zip
mkdir ./mop
miniunzip mpd_oled.zip -d ./mop
cd ./mop
volumio plugin install
volumio vrestart
cd ..
rm -Rf mop
rm -Rf mpd_oled.zip

I am getting a lot of:
Err http://archive.volumio.org/raspbian/ jessie/main <FILENAME> Unable to connect to archive.volumio.org:
Where "“FILENAME>” is various libraries.
I am not a programmer, but am a system/network admin so i can ensure you i do not have issues with my network nor connection to the volumio site at the time of install.

PS; if you are going to develop/test for Volumio 3, i am willing to help test, current own and ready to test with : Raspberry Pi 2B 1GB / Raspberry Pi 4B 2 GB / Raspberry Pi Zero W. with 1.3 and 2.4 inch Oled and I2C interface for LCD/VFD displays.

Addition to the previous post:

After running @supercrab script and mpd_oled failing, i went onto the github page of @Adrii and used his script:

wget -N http://pitastic.com/mpd_oled/packages/mpd_oled_volumio_install_latest.sh
sudo bash mpd_oled_volumio_install_latest.sh

At first i had some fears as i got a few connection timeout on the Pitastic.com link (only with the wget link, via the browser i could access the script )
3th try it downloaded the script and after executing the script all went fine.
The install script went through without any errors, then i returned to the MPD_OLED configuration page within Volumio, pressed SAVE and the error was gone and the display works.

I hope we do get a bit more configuration options for the screen output, as i like to see a bigger STOP clock without an IP and date bar. And a better ( bigger ) artist/song display in the PLAY screen and maybe no clock.

I forgot to update the zip file in my repository, it should be sorted now and the install script with download the binary version of mpd_oled.

As for configuring the screen it might be easier to change the code yourself. The code is pretty straight forward and should straight forward to remove stuff. The trouble is mpd_oled won’t build on the latest version of Volumio so you’ll have to wait until those issues are sorted.

The code works on the latest version of Volumio to date (882).
I had to revert back to the Volumio 2.873 version as i also use the Saiyato Audiophonics PWR-manager, which fails to compile under version 882.

As for the changes to to code, as i said i am not a programmer so i am at a loss where to look, let alone change code.
If you, or anyone reading this, has some pointers ( what file(s) and which sections ) to look for.

Ther’s a way to edit “display.h” settings file after or before plugin installed?
in master mpd_oled release from antiprims i edited some file to remove clock from display and make graph bar full size…

and… spectrum doesn’t work with external source like spotifyconnect.

any suggests?


No, because mpd_oled is now a binary file and it is not built as part of the installation.

You could always try compiling your version of mpd_oled and running cp mpd_oled /usr/local/bin/mpd_oled to copy it to the bin folder and the plugin will use that version!

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Thanks you, some way to edit this binary installation.? or use source code and update it without remove it and reinstall all?

You can’t edit a binary, you can only recompile.

You can get the source code and compilations instructions here. I did not create this project so you’ll have to follow the instructions to build it :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t looked at this in a while but you don’t need to uninstall the plugin.

hello sir! im getting errors like this, is there a solution available

Unable to open /dev/gpiomem: No such file or directory mpd_oled: error: could not initialise OLED

I use the same display. It was a nightmare to make it work via I2C but finally a found this post: Volumio + 2.42" OLED + PSU in one aluminium case - #20 by Zhapox
1 install plugin and test is with a smaller I2C screen if it works:

2 modify resistors on 2.42" screen
3 install capacitor and resistor to RES pin
it will work

Try going here and installing mpd_oled manually. The plugin will just work when mpd_oled is compiled correctly.

soldering those tiny resistors is a pain in the arse, but doable if you take your time!

got it working but is this realy a long time waiting in this section? the screen was working with display but the terminal was stuck here

sudo mpd_oled -o -B 0 -a 3c - b 10 -g 1 -f 20

and when i do ctrl+c the screen goes blank


its all working now, im mega dumb for not using the sudo mpd oled service edit line :woozy_face: