[Plugin] Mother Earth Radio 1.0.0

i made a plugin for the FLAC/AAC streams of Mother Earth Radio including metadata and album art. I adapted @marco79cgn 's radioParadise plugin, thanks for paving the way to flac streaming!
Pull request is done, not yet published to test mode store.If anyone is interested to try out, feedback is appreciated.


Nice one, hopefully it will be published!

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Any progress? And if I can help out with testing, do you have an install guide/link?

You could test by cloning my repo on your volumio machine:

git clone https://github.com/FlorianReiterer/volumio-plugins-sources.git

cd into


directory and launch

volumio plugin install

that would be helpful indeed!

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First impressions, it’s responsive, album art and meta data are working.

But the sound is no good as of now. The volume is way lower (like 50%?) then with Radio Paradise, Tidal, Qobuz and with volume cranked up it sounds a bit dull as well (more like low quality MP3’s).

Hopefully you can fix it.

RPI 3b+ streamer connected via i2s to a Topping D90MQA.
I am on the newest Volumio image 3.309
I did a reboot to check if that would fix things but it didn’t unfortunately

Good luck and please let me whenever I can test an updated version.

Thank you for testing and feedback.
regarding the volume, mother earth broadcasts according to EBU directive -23 db LUFS. Thats a convention to even out loudness between stations. You know like in TV when you switch channels they should sound evenly loud. Seems web stations do not follow that convention very often.
Given your feedback i’ll reconsider that. For a start i cranked the volume up to -16db LUFS, if i go up higher i would have to redo my archive. I’ll think about it.

Happy to hear the plugin works for your setup! Thanks!

Hi ,

Would you pls help me. I am receiving this error when try to clone :smiley:
fatal: destination path ‘volumio-plugins-sources’ already exists and is not an empty directory.


You must have already cloned another repo i assume. If you want you could rename the existing “volumio-plugins-sources” directory and clone mine.
That would be i.e.:

mv volumio-plugins-sources volumio-plugins-sources-backup

and clone mine afterwards.

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Dear @Vennesch,
would you mind listening in again and see if you are still unhappy with sound quality please?
I think the low volume should actually not sound as bad as you described.
I know it’s an adventurous music selection, but if you hang in there some songs; you might have caught some of the vintage recordings that have differing sound to nowadays polished production.
Also, Beatles’ “here comes the sun” i did record from my fathers music cassettes; or talking heads’ stop making sense; so they do sound a bit muffling. Classical concertos are mostly pulled from vinyl originals, they recorded very different, but all of these are “full of life” compared to, i dont know, rihanna’s newest stuff?

I didn’t know it was your very own radio channel. Nice! Eccentric music indeed, but I play radio partly to discover new things, so I like that. I will give it another shot soon.

Keep up the good work

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off-topic TLDR but maybe valuable information:
Mother Earth Radio broadcasts at low volume -23db LUFS according to EBU R128 guideline.
That LUFS thing and the agreement on -23db loudness was also made to oppose the “Loudness War”, and Mother Earth absolutely supports that.
An example:
When i try to level i.e. a Frank Sinatra Vinyl Original from back then to, say, a louder -16db LUFS, i would get overs, signal peaks, that would distort and i would have to insert a limiter in the audio chain to avoid distortions at your speakers. That would alter the signal, and that’s exactly how we got into this “loudness war”. I would like to record this precious vinyls and deliver them unaltered to you guys and girls.
Using the high res flac format at 24bit depth allows us to use a little more headroom without losing too much of audio quality (see A/D conversion theory for details).
So, given the catalogue of vintage vinyl recordings, classical concertos and contemporary productions, i will stick with EBU R128 level.
I hope this will clean our ears a little from overloaded audio walls and relax everything a tad bit.