Glad you like the plugin :slight_smile: That is a good idea, hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to do it…



I’m glad you find the plugin useful. :smiley:

I don’t understand your question sorry. The link you supplied is about using PWM to control LEDs but it looks like you want an input to be sampled? Not sure if it possible. I tried to use Pigpio once for PWM but I couldn’t get it working :frowning:


Hi supercrab,

thanks to your reply.

no i want no sampling the input.
i only want to signal by LED what sampling rate is playing.

when switching the GPIO 5,6,13 by this schema

Sampling rate higher than 96 =(176, 192, …) -> GPIO 5, 6, 13 switch to high
Sampling rate higher than 48 less and eq 96 =(88, 96) -> GPIO 5 switch to low, 6, 13 switch to high
Sampling rate higher or eq than 44 and less 88 =(44, 48) -> GPIO 5, 6 switch to low, 13 switch to high
Sampling rate less 44 -> GPIO 5 switch to high, 6 switch to low, 13 switch to high

it is possible to use a RGB LED to GPIO 5,6,13



It was not possible to use PWM without running the plug-in as root unfortunately. The bit that does PWM needed root :pensive:

I don’t know how to get the sampling rate sorry. It could be possible by calling a web service thats run locally on volumio.


I guess from here

Does that return the sample rate of the sound device or the currently playing media source?

It returned the Curently playing media info

Cool, there’s also a web service that returns JSON that’s probably easier to digest. Trouble is I found no way of doing PWM within a plug-in :weary:

Have you looked at api/v1/getstate it has both samplerate and bitdepth fields…

Yes, that’s the one - I forgot what it was called, so thank you very much for that!