Plugin from GITHUB

please help!!!
how can download and install plugin from github server?


Which one? Is it not available from the official source?

They normally have a readme with steps to follow…

I’m trying the volumio 3 and on my system i have 3 indispensable plugin and I’ll like use…

Not very detailed…

Okay, are you sure they are on github?

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Please don’t install plugins on volumio 3 that are not on the store.
We are verifying them. Once done you will find them in the store

sofar as i could find the ones that he’s looking for are :

I’m wondering if I have missed the documentation on how we should submit plugins from now on. What I mean is, do we have to submit PRs separately for Volumio 2.x and 3.x?

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We are preparing the docs for new plugins. Bear with us :wink: