[PLUGIN] Favourites and Playlists

Hi all,

I have a Google Music plugin 99% completed that operates via the open source GMusicProxy. I have almost everything working except adding to Favourites and Playlists. The plugin utility generates the method addToFavourites, but I’ve had some trouble getting it working with various calls. I don’t see this method implemented in other plugins and the PlaylistManager appears to have custom handling for other plugins. Add to queue works perfectly.

Does anyone have a working example or some feedback they could provide? I’d like to get a pull request up soon.

Appreciate any help.


No answer to your question, but just to encourage you to persevere … a very useful plugin.


I’ve been using Volumio for months now, I love it. I just found there is an update available. But after I did the update, Spotify connect doesn’t work any more !

I tried to fix it with no success.

Does any one have a clue about how to fix it ?

I already tried to uninstall the plugin and reinstall it.

usps tracking showbox

try to disable /enable the plugin