[PLUGIN] DstmMix - Logitech Media Server with (very) Smart Mix feature


v1.06 update “Zlaja5”


  • fix: music on USB is detected and analysed
  • fix: shell in a box no more need bliss install after restart

You tell me…

installing v1.0.6
tell you later…

It is working!
only found this
" thread ‘main’ panicked at ‘Error: No tags found!’, src/tags.rs:26:38
Session closed."
but than I continue to analyse again

hi zlaja, the error come from stdout/stderr of bliss analysis when it meet track impossible to analyse, for me 2 or 3 files in a 4000 tracks collection. Not a big deal and not blocking

v1.07 update


  • enhance: add button to backup your database (in case of disaster ^^)
  • fix: remove erase command on uninstall to preserve database
  • fix: several typo corrections

note : to get things working : 1) update plugin 2) uninstall plugin 3) reinstall plugin
needed to install nodejs http-server globally

You tell me…


analyse ok
database update : [2022-12-20 19:59:39 I] Requesting LMS plugin to allow uploads
[2022-12-20 19:59:44 E] Invalid port
Session closed.

Today bliss plugin has been updated by its creator (following my own demand) and the new binary doesn’t work on debian buster. I 've submited the bug, I’m on it, sorry for the disturbance

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the new feature I’ve requested will be killer :+1:

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update bliss plugin to 0.3.1 in LMS and upload should be fixed
Enjoy the new sliders also :+1:

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@chourmovs_vs Great work you are doing. When you feel your plugin is complete and stable enough feel free to ask for a review from me, would love to help make it perfect before official release.
And say hello to Dan from me!

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I think you may be confusing Dan Gravel of BlissHQ and Craig Drummond who adapted bliss music analyser for use in LMS.
Nothing to see but I admit it is confusing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I wont hesitate thx , much appreciated :heart:

Just PM’d , you the bliss file and architecture.

dstmMix works very well for me on Rpi4 8gb, you made a really useful plugin! Keep up your good work. :+1: :ear:

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Will try to make it part of next release, thx a lot

i expect one x86 is enough?

I don’t catch your point. Are you speaking of binary building or system power ?
for both let’s update and try… but you can be confident :slightly_smiling_face:

No what I meant to say, I did a build for the binary on a x86 i5 device, will this cover all 64-bit i* processors?

In principle the answer is yes if I look at Debian Bullseye repo