Plugin config file remains after uninstall

I’m still playing around with the liveplaylist plugin and looked at the install/uninstall process as this procuded errors due to wrong file permissions. After this was fixed, I noticed that the config file(s) remain on the system as they are not cleaned up from volumio’s internal config folder.

After install, the initial config file is copied to /data/configuration///config.json . When you uninstall a plugin, the actual plugin folder under /date/plugins is cleaned up, but the config file + its folder under /data/configuration remains on the system.

Is the removal of the config folder + files missing from the pluginmanager?
I’d expected to find it in PluginManager.prototype.removePluginFromConfiguration() but it only seems to remove the config from the in-memory list.


Yes, it is missing from the unistall process. We’ll add that! Could you please open an issue on GH?

Sure here it is: