[PLUGIN] 80s80s & 90s90s radio

Ok :slight_smile: what I want :d

  1. The Metadata, album art, it was posible in the plugin.
  2. How can I increase the size of the picture? I posted also in another post. I a using a 4.3 display and 60 % of the display is occupied by the 2 circlesā€¦ Maybe make the circles little smaller and increase the album artā€¦ To have the album art at least 60% of the screenā€¦
  3. The volume circle isā€¦ Can be much smallerā€¦
    This is what I want :smiley:

except part 1, it has nothing to do with the plugin, no?

Yes balbuze you are wright. Sory if I annoy youā€¦if it is not posible it is ok but at lease maybe in the near future we will have a UI with a bigger album art. This is what I want to see on te screen not the volume level.

It is possible that the plugin will be updated/maintained?
Curently I am listen to webradio 8080s but I am missing a lot the albumart for all the station that in that pluginā€¦ Thiese are one of my favorite stationsā€¦

It could be, but need a fix because it cause a problem in volumio. Need investigationā€¦
I can still install it from here :
for arm
for x86

Kindly please tell me how can I install it?
I am using rpi4ā€¦
The version you provided still cause a problem in volumio? If yes, I will wait for a fix

This is the same version that was available before I removed it from the store.
Iā€™ll tell you how to install it later. :wink:

That version hangs up volumioā€¦ So it is usefull, only if you tell what needs to be done in order to make it work locally.
Mnay thanks for your help.

Also encounter the 80s80s plugin problem.
Is there a fix?

Since a couple of days I even canā€™t select it when I search for it.

It was in my favourite radio station but that give an error


Since j am listening quite a lot 80s80s and 90s90s stations maybe in the near future it will be a posibility to reactivate the old plugin. I am missing the :
metadata with cover, artist, title, album
default station cover if no album cover available

This is point true for all radiosā€¦ We are talking about it :wink:

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That is justā€¦ Awesome.

Hello !
When this plugin started crashing Volumio, I made a small modification to solve the problem.
Replace the index.js file in the /data/plugins/music_service/80s80s/ folder of Volumio by this one :
index.zip (4.8 KB)

Thanks for this
This is working also on buster version or only on volumio 2.?

Sorry, I havenā€™t tested on Debian Buster.
It works for me on Volumio 2.x arm(raspberry pi) and x64(Debian Jessie).