[PLUGIN] 80s80s & 90s90s radio

This topic is about the 80s80s plugin which allows to play radio streams of the german radio service 90s90s.de

All channels are dedicated to the 80s or 90s and offer pop music channels with either mixed genres (Pop, Love, Dance) or dedicated 24/7 channels of artists like Depeche Mode and others.


  • listening to 19 different streams in mp3 (192 kbps)
  • 24/7 channels of David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode
  • metadata with cover, artist, title, album
  • default station cover if no album cover available
  • last.fm scrobble (needs slight modifications in the last.fm plugin)

:arrow_right: The plugin is available from the music service plugin section in the GUI

The plugin should run quite stable, tested on Raspberry Pi 3 and Zero W.
The API which delivers the metadata information is not 100% reliable though. It has quite a huge delay of ~30 seconds. This can be modified in the settings of the plugin (default: 30 sec). Some channels have news every full hour and for this time frame, the API delivers a wrong song which is not played. It should sync after the news automatically.

General Info:
Even though these are german channels on lots of them there is not a lot moderation/spoken parts so it should be quite suitable for non german speakers as well.

Kudos Marco, another great quality plugin! Well written and definetely a great feature addition.

Love it! Keep up the good work

ciao Marco79cgn and Michelangelo.
I have updated the 80s80s plugin to support all the currently available streams on 80s80s website.
How can I send you the updated code?


Hi Dave81

I just updated the plugin as well. You can now listen to all currently available channels of both 80s80s and 90s90s. I also added all the missing covers of the stations in case the metadata delivers no result for the current song.

I will open a merge request later so that the plugin can be automatically updated.

Hi Marc, perfect timing :slight_smile:

I checked your changes and we’re aligned.
I just discovered some more streams on 80s80s, can you add also these?

{ "title":"80s80s Italo Disco", "uri":"webeighties/8", "url":"http://streams.80s80s.de/italohits/mp3-192/streams.80s80s.de", "cover":"/albumart?sourceicon=music_service/80s80s/images/80s80s-italodisco-cover.png", "api":"http://iris-80s80s.loverad.io/flow.json?station=283" }, { "title":"80s80s Christmas", "uri":"webeighties/9", "url":"http://streams.80s80s.de/christmas/mp3-192/streams.80s80s.de", "cover":"/albumart?sourceicon=music_service/80s80s/images/80s80s-christmas-cover.png", "api":"http://iris-80s80s.loverad.io/flow.json?station=75" }, { "title":"80s80s DAB Hamburg", "uri":"webeighties/11", "url":"http://streams.80s80s.de/hamburg/mp3-192/streams.80s80s.de", "cover":"/albumart?sourceicon=music_service/80s80s/images/80s80s-dab-cover.png", "api":"http://iris-80s80s.loverad.io/flow.json?station=61" },


Ah, my bad, I had Italo Disco on my list and simply forgot it. :slight_smile:

Didn’t expect the christmas channel to be alive. In the last years this stream was only available around christmas time. But I still added it. The DAB Hamburg channel is basically the same as the Real 80s channel except for the news. I added it anyway now upon your request.

The file above in the dropbox has been updated and can be reinstalled. I also added the missing covers.

Hello everybody,

you can find a summary of all 80s80s channels including stream urls, tags and images on streams.80s80s.de/?volumio
90s90s: streams.80s80s.de/?volumio

Please use these stream urls like streams.80s80s.de/web/mp3-192/streams.80s80s.de/

Best, Hendrik

I just updated the plugin with the missing channels and I changed all stream urls to end with “/volumio”.

Pull Request:
:arrow_right: github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins/pull/344

Should be available as soon as the pull request has been accepted.

//EDIT: It’s merged and available in the Volumio GUI.

This is a wonderful plugin :slight_smile:
I have observed that the album cover art is not all the time updated with the current played song? This is from my internet connection?

Thank you for this plugins, I integrated it with my custom player project.
There is some bugs that I fixed in your code and I like to share, one is very critical , causing the voliumio status to blow a way on very long tracks. Related to a number that is dealing a s string and make the seek value to be string concatenate rather than an arithmetic sum.

  1. in file “index.js” function playNextTrack , missing JSON.Parse for currentTime (twice)
  2. function getSongsResponse need to parseFloat airtime value