PLEX / Audio Station support

Volumio (or MPD) fails to index my music library.
I’ve two devices (PI3 and PI4) running one indexing directly my NAS (NFS) and one has a HDD attaced by USB.
The one with the NFS-Share has started indexing 8 days ago and the webinterface is not reachable anymore.
The one with the USB-HDD has started yesterday and now it has same symptoms, webinterface not reachable anymore.
I think they’re totaly stressed out by indexing. (and yes… it’s a lot of files)

In order to avoid these problems i suggest adding support for PLEX and/or Synology Audio Station.
Both Services are running on my Nas and both services have allready indexed my library.
So I think it would be nice if Volumio could act as a client for Plex/Audio Station.
In my Idea this would prevent the overload by indexing the library by Volumio/MPD.