Please access version 2.587 (15-06-2019)


Is it possible to provide a link to download the Volumio version
2.587 (15-06-2019), because the latest version has an error with a pop-up message that the set DAC is not available, but if I turn on a song, it plays ok.

I have a Chinese DAC on the PCM5122 HiFi DAC + V2.0 - Volumio detects it as HiFiBerry DAC Plus.

The RemotePi plugin also does not work in this version. Do not turn off the system after pressing the physical button.

In this version 2.587 (15/06/2019) everything worked well for me.
Alternatively, please request an amendment in the latest version of Volumio.

I tried to download from these links, but it does not work :frowning:

Thank you

Hi Thomas,
see here

Every now and then I have this error message, too. Sound is working nonetheless. My DAC is an original Hifiberry DAC Plus on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Volumio version is 2.599 (fresh install). The error message seems to appear after booting, but as it happens unpredictably I have not been able to capture a log so far.

Edit: Opened issue on Github (

Hi Thomas,
I have released a new version (1.1.4) of the RemotePi plugin which takes care of the changes introduced with Volumio 2.598+. It is already available from the plugin store.