Playlists on Volumio

Hi, this is my first time on this forum and also my first time with Volumio.

The last Sunday I used a RPi with Volumio as a DJ on a party, it worked nice, but I missed the possibility to make a playlist and play it on Volumio. You know it is a hard task to build a playlist on Volumio.

The solution I just found is:

1 - Load all the music files to a Playlist using a Media Player like Clementine, where you can export playlists in .PLS format
2- Work on the music path to make sure it reads from the Pen Drive (I decided to leave the playlist on the same folder with my musics).
3 - Open Volumio and you will the Playlist on your USB files list.
4 - Add it and play.

What I miss was a way to loop my playlist…


Good idea! I’ll implement it!

I hope, I don’t post the most obvious thing. But I didn’t find anything in the forum and thought this might be helpful.

After reading this post I applied this method to the music on my NAS drive and it worked perfectly.
I compiled a playlist with clementine, edited the file path to match with the way the NAS is mounted in volumio and placed it in the webradio folder.