Playlists deleting and/or renaming

I’ve researched this and see similar questions but have not found a resolution. Hoping someone here can help.
I need to delete some playlists.

I have deleted them from /data/playlist and they just reappear when I do anything to add music to any playlist. I’ve tried using mv to rename them and the original appears along with the file with the new name.

This doesn’t happen immediately. As long as I don’t take any action to manage music in any playlist all of the changes I made from command line look good in myvolumio.

As soon as I do anything the old files are back. It seems they are being refreshed from somewhere but I can’t find a reference to where and how to stop it.


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This is a feature of MyVolumio. I believe that Michelangelo posted that deleting unwanted playlists was being looked at.

P.S. I deleted your duplicate post.

That will be a big help. Thanks for the reply.

I’m having the same problem and hoping there is an easy fix.