Playlists deleted on reboot

I just installed latest version (V2.729 on RPi + X400 DAC/AMP) and everything seems great.
However I noticed that all my playlists are deleted when rebooting.
Looks like they are being stored in /data/playlist but after reboot this directory is empty!
Any thoughts on why this folder is deleted upon reboot?
Many thanks in advance,

Is this a fresh installation of Volumio (from scratch)?

Had a similar issue a month ago, in my case I was losing changes in MyWebRadio file, the file was restored to an earlier version after reboot.
Had a discusion with my conspiratorial part of my brain and my solution was to deleted my MyVolumio account and re registered it.
Below is the thread where I was talking to my self. :slight_smile:

Yes it is a fresh install.

Just a thought - do I need a “MyVolumio” account in order to use/save playlists?
I registered for a free account and rebooted but all playlists still deleted from /data/playlists?

So do I need to upgrade to “Virtuoso” to manage playlists?

No, I’ve been making and using playlists without a MyVolumio account.
It’s just a native feature in the software, no add-ons or logins required.

For those that have seen similar issues I think this was caused by corrupted SD card.
Installing on a new SD Card seems to fix the problem!